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The Blog
Everybody has one, right?!
Who Rules Your Roost? Talks About Life
Life happens, right? Some days you're the predator, other days you're the prey. That's just the way it goes.
But no matter what type of day it is, you should always leave a little time for reflection. Taking a moment to review your day - or your week - helps to keep everything in perspective. Maybe things didn't go as you'd planned them today...but yesterday was AWESOME! And tomorrow is a brand new day.
This is where I'll chat about the things that are going on in my little piece of the world - whether that's at home between sitting jobs, or on the road somewhere looking after somebody's pets who couldn't take the trip for some reason. I'll talk about what's going well - and probably about a few things that aren't going as planned! That's what it's all about - taking each day as it comes. Links to products available to purchase may be affiliate links, meaning that if you purchase after following one of the links, I will get a small commission, at no additional cost to you. Thank you in advance!
What To Do With The Poop!
and YES, it IS your job!
On my first sit, I learned that my sense of direction really sucks. Celeste and I went for a "short" walk... and a couple of hours later we came out of the woods a few miles from where I expected to be - and a LONG way from where we should have been. Note to self: charge cell phone and update Google Maps before going on a walk!

Another thing I noticed is the amount of dog poop along the field paths. People seem to think that if they're not on a main sidewalk or street, it's find to simply leave the poop where it drops. After all, wild animals poop there, so it must be okay, right?
Hey Folks, Guess What? It's NOT OKAY!
While the poop is going to eventually degrade and become fertilizer for the soil, it takes a LONG time for this to happen and it's not good for the soil for it to sit there that long. The best way to dispose of the dog poop is in biodegradable poop bags. These bags (truly biodegradable, not just "degradable" or "compostable" bags) can be flushed down the toilet in most communities. If you don't have biodegradable bags, the only acceptable options are to stoop & scoop and (1) put the poop and whatever bag/container you use into the garbage OR (2) flush the poop down the toilet and then put the container in the garbage. With or without handles...the choice is yours! Without handles come in packs (not in rolls). 
Like Nails on a Blackboard...
There's one sound that REALLY gets on my nerves...okay, actually there are lots of sounds that do that, but only one related to pets...geez, even that isn't right cuz there's another pet sound that really drives me bonkers, but I'll talk about that in another post later... 

This sound is the clickity-clack and scraping noise that doggy toe nails make on the pavement!! I know their nails wear down while they walk, but it's never quite enough to suit my delicate sensibilities. As a result, I've started looking at nail clippers and talking to groomers about the best way to shorten the crazy-long talons that some dogs have. The winner hands-down is nail grinding and a popular tool is the Dremel Nail Grooming kit shown here.
  • It's got two speeds so you'll never have to worry about going too fast for Fido's little toes to handle!
  • It's cordless and comes with a charger so you won't get the cord tangled up in everything while you work.
  • It's got 5 sanding wheels so there will always be one ready to grind when you need it!
A lot of people have looked at me strangely (at first) when I tell them I'm an in-home pet sitter. Especially when they know that I have cats and a dog of my own that I'm not always happy to be looking after. "Why on earth would you go stay at someone else's house and look after their pets, when you don't enjoy doing it at home?"

Well, it's not that I don't enjoy doing it at home...I love my pets and they bring me much joy (when they're not puking on everything!) However, they don't really let me spread my wings, so to speak.

I've always loved travelling, though my bank account hasn't always kept pace with my wanderlust. Scrolling through Facebook awhile ago, I stumbled across a post that got me thinking about retirement and how I'd be able to do some travelling at that point. Then reality hit: if I can't afford to travel now, how the BLEEP will I be able to afford it after retirement, when my income is reduced to whatever pension I have? Don't get me wrong - I'm very grateful for a career that has given me the opportunity to contribute to RRSPs and a pension. I'm much luckier than many, but as we all know, spending can easily outpace earning, regardless of the level of the income. Enjoying a certain standard of living has a price...especially when it's a standard of living that might be a tad out of reach!

I didn't even know what "spreading my wings" might look like...I had no real direction in my life when I spoke with Raelene Bergen Harder, who is a phenomenal coach. (Check out her website at the link below.) During one of our conversations, she suggested I contact an acquaintance of hers who has had much entrepreneurial success. I found this acquaintance on FB and trolled a bit...turns out this friend is one-half of the mastermind duo behind The House Sitting Academy (and many other ventures...but that will be the topic of future posts.) The House Sitting Academy has got to be the best course I've taken in recent years. Nat & Jodie have put together the quintessential guide to being a house &/or pet sitter. They've thought of everything - from figuring out exactly WHY you want to be a house sitter, to what to ask a potential client, all the way to what to do when the client comes home. They offer guidance to newbies, referrals for members, and camaraderie for all. Definitely worth the investment of my time and money, many times over. While it's not available any longer as a standalone product, you can get all the modules as part of a new travel program I'm offering. See the link to Beyond Retirement Travel Plan below.

So, who does this sort of thing? There is a HUGE community of individuals (and couples) who spend the majority of each year travelling to various locations to provide such a service. In most cases, the service is provided for "free" - that is, not for monetary payment. Instead, the sitter gets accommodations at no cost. While some people might hesitate at the thought of living in another person's home (or shudder at the thought of allowing someone to live in THEIR home) many people embrace this. Personally, I absolutely LOVE getting to see how others decorate their homes, because I'm hopeless at decorating! And the opportunity to live "like a local" in another place really appeals to me. My travels in the past have always been to resort locations, where everything is elegant and all your needs are anticipated...not a bad thing, don't get me wrong! But it's also an expensive way to travel, and it's not a way to really SEE the location. To be a nomad, roaming the world, stopping wherever my fancy strikes...now THAT is a retirement life I could latch onto!
The next step is how to get to that point...and that's where the biggest stumbling block lies. To be sure, not everyone can be a successful nomadic entrepreneur (or even a static one!) But without giving it a shot, how will I know if I'm one of those who can, right?

So I started to search out ways to earn money while travelling. That's when I stumbled upon the FREE Travel Lifestyle Plan. What better place to start?! The handbook they offer is chock-full of tips and suggestions on what to think about as you begin to plan for a nomadic lifestyle. Everything from whether to carry toothpaste with you to earning a passive income while you travel...and such topics as is it right for you, why you need travel insurance, budgeting (a horrible necessity for everyone!) and flight hacks to help get you where you want to be for a little (sometimes a LOT) less money.

But is it a lifestyle I want? That's the big question...
One of the things I've started to think about, because of home & pet sitting jobs that take me away from MY home for extended periods, is packing for the trip. It's not easy to get all the items you'd like to have with you into a suitcase...and this is especially important if you're going to be travelling internationally. Having as few bags to carry as possible is vital on long trips! I've recently discovered a handy product that is easier than having to buy laundry detergent everywhere I go. Tru Earth Eco-Strips Laundry Detergent not only fits nicely into a suitcase or knapsack, but it's environmentally friendly! It's reasonably priced and it comes in both unscented and fresh linen scent, so it helps to keep the bag smelling fresh too!
Just in case you haven't thought of this before, pet sitting is an incredible activity to get involved in as you head toward retirement...in case you're heading that way...(and pssst - we're ALL heading that way! Some people are just a little farther down the road than others!)
It's a wonderful way to experience the joy of pet ownership, with only temporary responsibility. No need to worry about making the right choice in getting a pet; no fears about 
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