The Care Your Pet Deserves
Who Rules Your Roost?
Need to go away, but not sure what to do with your pets while you're gone?
I will be there to feed, walk, play, and of course, hug your pets while you enjoy that much-needed vacation!
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Jeremy Jackson
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Check Out How I Can Help
In-Home Pet Sitting
With many years of experience and numerous clients, you can rest assured that your pet will receive the attention they deserve. 
Locking & Arming
I'm familiar with many home security systems, so your home will stay safe while you're gone. I will disarm/arm as required throughout your absence.
Feeding & Medication
Regardless of your pet's age or mannerisms, each of my services can be customized specifically for them. 
Plant Watering
Going to be gone longer than your plants can survive without attention? I handle light gardening duties too - all part of the package! 
Ready? Let's Get Started!
Who Am I - and Why Should You Trust Me?
I've got many years of experience in looking after pets, and I've been taking care of a house since I finished high school! 
What you need to know is that I'll take exceptional care of your non-human family members. 
I'll feed them, ensure that they've got adequate water all the time; I'll exercise them when they need it and I'll love them like you do! 
I'll follow whatever schedule you provide for me and I'll make up a schedule if you don't leave one for me. 
I'll communicate with you as frequently as you wish, sending you updates and photos if you want them.
Hear The Word On The Street
"Jacquie is responsible, punctual, and easy to communicate with. I am confident entrusting my dog to her care knowing that I can rely on her to take care of his needs and to notice and respond to any problems that may arise. Jacquie also took wonderful care of my house, going above and beyond to ensure that it was clean and tidy."
Ottawa, ON
"Jacquie was able to administer my cat's required medications, there was no break to her routine and she wasn't stressed like when I board her somewhere else. It was also nice to know that there was someone at home while I was traveling. Communicating with Jacquie was easy both before and while I was away. I would definitely recommend Jacquie, and I hope to be able to use her services again in the future."
Ottawa, ON
"To receive Jacquie as our home sitter for 4 days what a great experience. She is a responsible, friendly and very kind person with our two furry friends. When we returned, the house was immaculate and welcoming. Mitsou and Poune were calm and happy to see us again. We will not hesitate to ask for her home sitting services again, as soon as the opportunity arises. Thank you Jacquie."
Noellise & Marc
Lachute, QC 
"We had the pleasure of sharing our home and our babies with Jacquie after long emails, references and many fun posts of FB. She flew in to love our two little poodles and watch over our home while we relaxed in MX. She took SUCH good care of the "kids" and our house...I am begging her to return soon! We would recommend her 1,000 times over! She kept in touch with us while we were gone, took long walks and left the house very clean and organized. We are grateful!"
Palos Verdes Estates, CA
"Jacquie house sat for me for 5 weeks in April and May. Where we live in Mexico those are the hottest and driest months of the year. I had just planted an extensive garden and did not have an automatic watering system. It required watering for 3 hours every morning! Jacquie went above and beyond and when I returned everything was alive and thriving.
My 2 Chihuahuas were happy and well. My house was clean and well cared for. I can’t recommend Jacquie high enough. Hopefully she will be able to return and sit for us in the future."
Chapala, MX
"When we first met Jacquie, we were immediately put at ease by her demeanour and experience. Our pets (2 dogs and 1 cat) also took an immediate liking to her. During our one week vacation, we were able to thoroughly relax and enjoy our ourselves knowing that our pets were receiving excellent care. We highly recommend Jacquie and will certainly ask for her services again."
Paul & Jill
Kanata, ON
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